SPG Corporate Discount

Many companies offer Corporate Codes to its corporate companies offering discounts. codes.  The corporate then offers to their employees as a form of benefits.  It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.

SPG offers Corporate Discounts for the following group.  SPG, Starwood Property Group, owns Westin, Sheraton, St Regis, Aloft and many other high-end hotels worldwide [Please add your company’s discount code on the bottom so more people can enjoy the saving]

If you are booking hotels at SPG, try the following corporate codes to save 20% or 30% off their published rate.

IBM 18000
Raytheon 9753
Boeing 5171
Sony 12698
MHUSA 256547
SWS 340519
Fed Rooms 295936

University of Texas 35902
Syracuse U 60848
Stanford U 349097
Penn U 4309
Harvard U 17885

The corporate rates are for employees/members.  You might be asked to show for proof that you work for the following companies or have affiliation when checking in using these corporate codes.